I hate you.

I hate you,
I seriously hate you,
I hate you so much,
It makes me cry.

I hate you,
I hate you so much,
I could never feel love for you,
Not even if I tried.

I hate you,
I can barely breath,
When you’re near,
the blood in my veins begins to boil.

I hate you,
I fucking hate you,
You make me sick and it worries me,
But I wish you’d lie beneath the soil.

I hate you,
For everything that you are,
And everything that you do,
I don’t ever want to be anything like you.

I hate, hate, HATE you,
So, please, pretty please,
Why don’t you do us both a favor and die,
At least you would be released and I?

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    • Yes, indeed.. that’s why I rather write it down, than say it out loud..
      Whenever I feel strong emotions, I need to write them down, I need to get them out of my system in some way and for me, writing is the best outlet for strong feelings.


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