Lost Voice

The curtain’s closing,
my spotlight has disappeared now,
the crowd is leaving,
and the applause is gone.

My voice is missing!
The gift I’ve been blessed with,
disappeared on me somehow,
my life now     –     empty.

No more singing,
I dwell in silence,
Oh lovely, oh my lovely,
farewell and rest in peace for now.

Still can’t believe it,
not sure I can live without,
please come back slowly,
I promise to treat you holy.

I can’t stand it,
I just can’t take it,
being speechless, being restless,
and nothing left to enjoy.

You’re my precious,
Oh, you’re so precious,
always came from deep within my heart,
will I ever hear you again?

Don’t dare say your goodbyes yet,
still so much more for us to come,
you will rise and I will raise it,
raise my voice for everyone.

Appearing spotlight,
an opened curtain,
and me standing in its front,
singing to applause.

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  1. the way you put words together! Great!

    Liked by 1 person

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