Time runs so slowly,
in the corner,
where I sleep.

Thought I’d be happy,
being a loner,
but I weep.

I want you badly,
to hold me safely,
in your arms.

But time runs slowly,
yes, so slowly,
and no one comes.

Being a loner,
is not easy,
who would’ve thought?

I must give in,
to all my longings,
and everything you’ve got.

So, that you’ll take me,
yes, take me,
away from this spot.

Where time runs slowly,
so slowly,
and no one ever comes.

Want to stop dreamin’,
and start livin’,
start livin’ and discover the world,
’cause I have heard… –

It’s supposed,
to be,

a lot!

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  1. I can relate to this… Lovely poem! Well done!


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