A Journey

A poison has infected me,
and my perception was taken over purposely.
A toxic infection,
so poisonous and wonderful,
the greatest experience I’ve ever had the pleasure to have.
An experience so tremendously great,
it seems like a journey,
one filled with good times and joy.
One that gave me strength and sickness at once.

I’ve been on a journey,
it opened up my eyes, my mind,
eventually my heart, in a way impossible to put in words.
Words were spoken and were token,
to change my life.
For the best,
for the worst,
I can’t really tell for good.

Good has happened,
but bad as well,
my time on this journey,
was spent so well.
It blew my mind,
it knocked me down,
but did it really turn my life around?

The answer is YES,
the answer is NO,
I still don’t know,
which way to go.

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  1. Yup, that’s life. Sometimes with a certain path and then the forks in the road. Which way you go determines who you become. That’s too deep even for me…haha

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    • haha. You made me chuckle a little bit.
      Well, life is simply too short to think too much about it. It won’t result in anything really, though sometimes the only thing it will result in is insanity.
      I remember after writing this, I decided it would be better for myself to only allow this insanity to come out and take control over my mind in tiny little portions.. Boy, am I rambling!? haha, I hope you know what I mean. 😉

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  2. Insanity can be fun! I’ve got it in spades, haha. I come from a large family (10 kids). Insanity is the norm and worked out ok for me 🙂

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  3. Honesty is a great policy, I always say. You can admit that reflection on your life, it is a step. I wonder if you look by now, how you would view thia poem since almost a year has passed. Do you have the same reflection?

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    • Oh, wow. Thank you for taking the time to read through this old, dusty and long forgotten post. I wrote this two years ago, during the past two years my style of writing has certainly changed a lot, however as I read these lines again, I still have no answers. I thought I did for a while, however it seems like I came back to this same spot as two years ago… 🙂


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