What if?

If you ask me, the question “What if?” is one of the most fatal question of all the questions in the world!
I mean every single time I’m thinking of a certain event of my past, I ALWAYS end up asking myself this seemingly endless question..
And once I’ve started I simply can’t stop wondering: What if?

Yet, sometimes I just need to shut my eyes, because this question keeps on spinning around in my head and it feels like an omnivorous black hole, feeding on thoughts of every kind, causing me to lose my mind.

What if I hadn’t let you go?
What if you hadn’t let me go?
What if I hadn’t gone away?

Would it still be the same,
as I once used to know?

every bit of logic and sense,
leaving behind,
an emtpy shell.

With those sad eyes,
that I wear so well.

I need guidance,
I need shelter,
I’m lost in the realm of darkness.

What if no one can light the way?

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